Rental Policy for Bermuda Rental Car LTD.

Rental Policy

Your rental period will commence at the time that you complete the rental agreement on the day

of your booking. Vehicles returns must be made no later than the DUE DATE and DUE TIME

printed on your Rental agreement. Renters will be charged a late fee equal to an additional

rental day if the vehicle is not returned on time. All rentals are subject to the terms and condition

of the Contract of Hire.

All cancellations need to be at least 24 hours prior to the rental date to receive a refund, this

means 24 hours prior to the booking time on the rental date. Customers cancelling within 24

hours will incur the first full days rental charge.

We are not responsible for any items left in your vehicle during or after your rental period.

All drivers must be 25 years or older.

Children as Passengers:

In our Anaig Quick Model children under the age of 5 years old are not permitted as

passengers. Booster seats are also not allowed.

In our Tazzari Zero Model children under 14 are not allowed.

We cannot guarantee that all charges points will be working and/or available and from time to

time you may need to wait for a charging point to become vacant. This applies to the charging

facilities at your hotel/guesthouses as well as our publicly available charging locations around

the island. The renters acknowledge that they are responsible under all circumstance if the

vehicle runs out of batteries and acknowledges that their credit card will be debited $250.00 to

cover the cost of towing services.

Your Vehicle must be returned to the location you selected. An additional charge of $50.00 will

be applied to your credit card for not returning vehicle to the same location that was chosen at

the time of rental.

Any parking/traffic fines incurred by the driver during the rental period will be applied to your

credit card.

Please call the number on the invoice or email us at should you

have any questions or concerns during your rental period .

In the event of a breakdown outside of operating hours (8:30am-5:30pm) please call 441-236-

2453 and leave a message detailing your Name, Contact Phone Number, Vehicle location,

Rental Agreement Number or Vehicle Number. We will make contact once we open the next


Emergency Services can be reached at 911.