Our Dockyard, Cambridge Beaches, Valley Road, Gorham Road, Grotto Bay, and Reefs Hotel locations are the only locations open at this time due to COVID-19

What We Offer

What We Offer

Bermuda Rental Car Limited is the only company with 10 locations across the island which allow for multiple pickup and return locations. Shops are located at the following sites:

  • Cambridge Beaches
  • Dockyard-Kings Wharf
  • Willowbank Hotel
  • Pompano Beach Club Hotel
  • The Reefs Hotel
  • Valley Road-Main Headquarters
  • Hamilton Shop - Pembroke
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort
  • Town of St. Georges
  • St. Georges Club

Our Anaig Quick and Tazzari Junior electric cars are fun and safe to drive around the island. Enjoy sitting either side by side in the Tazzari Junior or one in front of the other in the Anaig Quick. Both cars have windows, A/C, Bluetooth radio and more!

To help navigate the island, download our new Bermuda Rental Car App from either the Google play store or Apple store for easy navigation to charge points around the island.