Know Before You Go: Transportation in Bermuda

Know Before You Go: Transportation in Bermuda

Electric Vehicles: Cars, Scooters, and Bikes

As car rental is not possible in Bermuda, the most popular option for transportation around the island is renting electric vehicles, such as the ANAIG QUICK and TAZZARI available on our website. These vehicles are easy to operate and open for use to visitors over the age of 18. With your own vehicle, you have the freedom to adventure around the island as often as you'd like.

Another option is to rent scooters (mopeds) and bicycles (pedal bikes) from a variety of island outfitters. Both are ideal for exploring the island’s winding streets and coastal roads and are used by locals and tourists.

Public Transportation: Buses and Ferries

If you're looking for convenience, taking public transportation is another great option for visitors. The most popular are the government-operated public bus and ferry services. The pink public buses (known as Breeze bus) on the other hand have an extensive network and come to various stops every 30 minutes.

Bus fares are of two types and that depend on the number of zones you travel (3-zone fare or all-zone fare). You can buy a transport pass for unlimited use of public bus services all across the island. The passes entitle you to unlimited rides on buses and ferries for one, three or seven days. Alternatively, you can use tokens or exact change. There are designated places in the island to buy passes, tokens, tickets, etc. like Visitors Information Centers (no tickets though), ferry & bus terminals in Hamilton, Post Offices (only for ticket booklets), etc. An important factor to keep in mind: You can not buy passes, tickets, etc. online.

As for ferries, there are four ferry routes in total (all identified by their own route colors). Two routes are heavily used by the cruise ship passengers docking at Kings or Heritage Wharf of Royal Naval Dockyard. The other two ferry routes connect various places in the island in Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, etc. and are mostly used by locals and office goers (as well as tourists putting up in hotels).

All ferry routes originate and return to Hamilton ferry terminal, and like buses, you can use a pass, token, ticket or exact change to ride the ferry. Visit Bermuda Ferry Services and Schedule for full info on ferry service including routes, timings and more.


Taxis in Bermuda are mainly found waiting by the various resorts the island has to offer, on the streets of the City of Hamilton, the Town of St. George or the Royal Naval Dockyard, as well as at your first stop - the airport. Keep in mind, rates are often a bit higher due to tourists not having other options readily available right when they arrive. But if you have questions regarding navigating the island or things to do, Bermuda’s taxi drivers are great guides and no one knows the best destinations better than they do.