Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Having trouble choosing who to go with for renting an electric vehicle in Bermuda? Read reviews below from TripAdvisor from real customers about our services!

Since our first time renting 3 years ago, we have rented 2 more times and been satisfied, with this time being stellar! I do want to say that it's because of the attitudes of 2 of their employees. Yesterday, at 1630, in the pouring rain of a thunderstorm a young employee delivered our scooter. I didn't get his name, but he was as nice and professional as could be. He should know that we appreciate it. Today, my elderly father arrived to start his vacation with us. He too wanted to rent a scooter. "Day" arrived. Another wonderfully kind, patient young man who put an old gentleman through the paces. When my father decided he just couldn't do it, Day let him know that it was just better to know now, during a practice that it wasn't for him. He let an old man keep his pride. I thank him so much for that. Would that we could all treat each other with such dignity and respect! Thank you. You have made my husband and I customers for the rest of our visits forever!”

Rented Anaig Quick electric car from these guys in St Georges, Bermuda. Excellent web ordering functionality. Terrific app for island wide recharging points. At pick-up time, the staff had to deal with supply issues. All was dealt with imaginatively, speedily and professionally. Highly recommend using this company; if you are looked after by PV and Neil you're gonna be just fine.”

“Spent a week in Bermuda last week...rented a Tazzari electric car from Oleander...pleasant experience during the rental process...Larry Gibbons...very helpful and professional....having rented Twizys in the past...went with the side by side seating car this time...more expensive but worth it to be able to sit next to my wife to share the sights of the island....make sure you reserve early...seems like they have been gobbled up rather quickly...great experience!!!”

“We rented a front/back mini car from Oleander at the Reefs Cycle Shop (in Southhampton Parish). Great experience. The attendant who set us up was extremely helpful and patient with us. The company has multiple locations and we were able to charge the car at the Royal Dockyard. We have rented scooters before, but the mini electric car are so much fun. Worth the money and Oleander was great to work with.”

“New to the island is that visitors can now rent small electric cars called Tazzaris that are similar in size to a Smart Car. Prior to this, you could only rent a small scooter to explore, then a tiny two-seater Twizzie was introduced. The Twizzie is easy to drive but very cramped. You have room for the driver but the passenger sits behind the driver with little to no room for any items you may have with you. On the other hand, the Tazzari electric car has adequate room for two people in the front, plus luggage or groceries in the back which opens up with a hatchback.”

“The staff at Oleander were most helpful and were quick to answer the phone if we had a question or problem. They picked us up to bring us to the rental shop and drove us home when we were done. You can plug it in at a charging station near shops and restaurants and go for lunch or shop.”