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Bermuda Road Safety

Bermuda Road Safety

Before you rent, first of all, you need to have confidence in your own ability to handle an electric car, scooter or a moped in a new country that has its own traffic behaviors and road rules. Try and time your rental accordingly to allow time for you to observe the traffic that goes on around the island and if you are not confident enough to take out a scooter in the end, electric vehicles are also an option.

There are a few main points to consider when preparing to drive in Bermuda:

Left Hand Drive

Due to long British rule on the island, it is left-hand drive in Bermuda. Which means, unlike in the United States or Canada, you will need to drive along the left side of the roadway. 

Narrow and Winding Roads

The roads in Bermuda are extremely narrow and windy, which will be new for most visitors. Although Bermuda has a 23 mph speed limit, it may feel like everyone driving around you is going at a quicker rate, especially younger locals. Even so, observe the speed limits, be watchful, and take your time until you feel comfortable while keeping in mind space for other vehicles on the road.

Road Traffic

Keep in mind that you are likely not the only visitor; expect a lot of traffic on the roads during high season like the summertime when Bermuda’s 65,000 population multiplies with an influx of tourists. If you want flexibility and like to avoid waiting for the crowded buses, scooter rentals and electric vehicles are the way to go.

Safety & Security

When you park your scooter, and even as you ride, ALWAYS lock the basket if you have valuables or other personal stuff kept in it. On beaches and other public places, keep valuables close.

Also, in regards to safety and including the above information, be sure to wear a helmet!